At a Glance

At a Glance

At a Glance

Softline Home Fashions has always been about “Affordable Elegance”. Since founding the company in 2001, Jason and Rodney Carr’s vision has been focused on providing fashion forward, high quality decorative fabrics, ready-made curtains and decorative pillows at affordable prices to all of their customers, big or small.

The Carr Brothers’ humble beginnings started in Montreal, Canada. Growing up, their hard-working parents introduced them to the retail and wholesale fabric industry. The dream of starting their own company was realized when Softline Home Fashions opened its doors in 2001. Within a year, Softline was on the map as a full-fledged converter of fabrics by the bolt. In 2002, the Carr Brothers saw finished goods as a natural next step, which lead to the addition of Softline’s direct import program of ready-made curtains.

In 2003, they responded to the increasing demands of the e-commerce industry, by creating their Drop Ship Program and launched their domestic manufacturing and fulfillment divisions. This enabled Softline to respond to the growing demand for the quick-ship, turn-around requirements by online e-tailers.

In 2008, Softline opened its Canadian operations in Montreal (office, showroom and distribution center). The very next year, 2009, the pillow division was launched which includes pillow offerings to match the majority of the drapery line. Softline’s e-commerce business has grown rapidly and they currently sell to the majority of all retailers in North America.

Softline Home Fashions is one of the fastest growing home textile companies in the United States and Canada. Having celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2011, it has grown into a multi-million dollar organization with a total of 150,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. Softline also has offices in Hangzhou, China and in Mumbai, India, facilitating domestic and international shipping, quality control and competitive pricing.

Softline’s products are also distributed Internationally to top retailers in Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia and Central and South America.

Mission Statement

“We want to thank you for your interest in Softline Home Fashions. We travel the world to bring
you a wide range of options, each of which is carefully chosen to reflect our customer’s style and
distinction. Design innovation has been our driving force, and providing “Affordable Elegance”
has become our mission. We proudly offer our products that not only meet, but exceed your
expectations, both now and throughout the years ahead.”

 – Jason and Rodney Carr

Our customer’s interests always come first.

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. By offering the highest possible quality of affordable decorative fabrics and ready-made curtains from around the world.

We are constantly raising the industry’s bar. All of this we passionately pursue while maintaining a level of professional integrity, economy and expediency that has become Softline Home Fashions.

Softline: Direct Import Program

Softline Home Fashion’s Direct Import Program (DIP) increases our client’s competitive

Softline Home Fashion’s Direct Import Program (DIP) increases our client’s competitive
advantage. With our efficient manufacturing and distribution operations. Offering only the highest customer service to our clientele, we cordially invite you to browse through our products and experience the Softline difference!
Products are sold to the Trade ONLY.

We are able to provide the following:

  • Provide competitive pricing through economies of scale.
  • Maintain world-class quality standard.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Streamlining the logistics flow.

DIP Advantage:

  • Softline has offices in Hangzhou, China and Mumbai, India.
  • Allows our clients the option of FOB from any Asian Port.

DIP Benefit:

  • FOB shipment saves significant cost since the goods are shipped directly to
    the client from overseas factories
  • Softline clears all international customs, including Letter of Credit, Wire
    transfers or Telex funds and handle all of the logistics to make sure that
    goods arrive on time.
  • Softline can consolidate shipments from several different programs.
  • Softline has the capability of shipping your order directly from the factory on
    a CIF basis. The price of your product will include the freight cost directly to
    the client without worrying about the freight bill.
  • Softline guarantees that all goods are inspected and production samples sent
    to the buyer before shipment leaves the port.

Softline: Competitive Advantage

Softline maintains fabric inventory of an assortment of 200 designs in a variety of colors allowing us to meet the “on-time” delivery requirements of panels and pillows for our clients participating in our drop ship program.

Softline: Quality Control Assurance & Practices

  • We have 30 sewers in-house dedicated to service our domestic demands. This allows us to closely control the product that comes in and out of our facility to our customers
  • Fabric Rolls are inspected under a light box to ensure damage free rolls are delivered to our customers
  • Fabric is also inspected by hired Quality Control specialist during production at our mills
  • All of the products that are shipped to our customers are produced using quality materials and are compliant with FTC standards
  • Softline partners with factories that are ethical and follow the international code of labor standards.
  • Softline’s quality assurance team regularly conducts audits and uses external assessors to undertake ethical and technical audits.
  • Softline’s ultimate goal is to make working conditions exceed International Labor Standards
  • We use the latest Technological Equipment in the industry
  • ISO Accreditation
  • We conduct testing on our fabrics using the most trusted testing laboratories such as Bureau Veritas & Applied Textiles

Market Presence

Softline currently serves a prestigious list of retailers:


E-Commerce Presence:

  • And more…

Fabric Distributors:

  • Kravet
  • Kasmir Fabrics
  • Covington

Softline Timeline

Softline Timeline


Softline’s Foundation

Initial product offering was Fabric by the bolt.


Ready-Made Curtain

Ready-made curtain division was introduced through its Direct Import Program.


Expansion of its Fulfillment

Added the manufacturing facility in Gardena, CA.


The Canada Invasion

Established the corporate and distribution in Montreal Canada.


Pillow Division

Added pillow home accessory in its product offering.


Bedding Division

Introduced bedding in its product offering.


E – Commerce Expansion

85% of growth with E-Commerce retailers.


Top 5 Supplier Giants

Softline was named one of the Top 5 supplier giants for Curtains/Draperies.


First celebrity debut

Monica Pedersen Home by Softline & Josh Johnson Home


Expansion of distribution facilities

A third fully operational warehouse is added to serve its growing customer base.


Softline Outdoor

Softline launches second season of Outdoor Collection

Price Point Reduction

Softline tests lower price point products


Softline Contract

Development of New Contract-grade goods for hospitality industry

Panel Pairs Production

Softline offers a new assortment of printed panel pairs to accommodate consumer demand for both Brick & Mortar and E-commerce customers