Direct import program

Why do you need a Softline Direct Import Program?

Retailing today is more competitive than ever. As a result, retailers are putting pressure on importers to be more proactive and bear a greater share of the risks. To be successful, importers not only have to sell products at a competitive price, they also have to adapt to distribution and managing retail customers’ increasing demands.

What do retailers want?

Softline Home Fashions Inc. has offices overseas in Hangzhou, China and Mumbai, India. We know that many retailers today want to buy DIRECT from the China or India.
Softline, with its infrastructure in place, allows a retailer to buy FOB at any Chinese or Indian Port.
A Direct Import Program provides a major benefit in that the retailer’s buying department can now buy directly from the factory in China or India. Softline will guarantee that the goods are delivered directly to your distribution facility:

•    FOB China to North America
•    FOB China to China
•    FOB India to North America
•    FOB India to India
•    FOB India to China

What are the benefits with Softline’s Direct Import Program?

The DIP will allow the retailer to save significant costs since the goods are being shipped directly to you from our factories.
Softline will clear all International customs and handle all of the logistics to make sure that your goods arrive at your facility on time.
We handle all Letter of Credit, Wire transfers or Telex funds. (Please note that in most cases all receivables will be paid directly to Softline Home Fashions, and not the factory directly.) If you choose to open an L/C directly with the factory, a confidentiality agreement will need to be signed and you will need to release the funds according to the terms and conditions of the L/C.

We can consolidate shipments for you if you are ordering several different programs from our different factories. Softline also has the capability of shipping your order directly to you from the factory on a CIF basis. The price of your product will include the freight cost directly to your door so you do not have to worry about the freight bill.
Since your product is not being shipped from our warehouse in Gardena, California, Softline will guarantee that all goods are inspected and production samples will be sent to the buyer before the shipment leaves the port.

What are the requirements as a customer who is interested in working with Softline on the DIP?

Softline requires that your orders are based on a container basis. For instance if you are buying Ready-Made Panels or fabrics and your orders are enough to fulfill a 20ft or 40ft container, you will immediately qualify for the DIP.

Call us toll free 800-701-4220 if you have any further questions about our Direct Import Program.