Katherine Heigl at Emmy Awards Giving Suite

This time though – A-List favorite, ‘Backstage Creations’, designed their famous, “Giving Suite” allowing Stars to peruse an array of luxury goods while helping to raise up to $150,000 in donations to support the Television Academy Foundation.

Products included everything from Bose  headphones and Pong cases, Nambe and Lenox home items to designer sunglasses from Ferragamo and Chloe.  Trips to Richmond Nua, Turkey and a stay at the Bora Bora Hilton or SoCal properties LaValencia and Triada – were among the night’s favorites.

A Tim Hortons coffee bar, Sabra Hummus munchies and Cold Stone Creamery as well as a bar featuring Bartenura and MYX plus KeVita kept attendees satiated while enjoying the glamorous suite – designed by Josh Johnson Home for Softline.


Bartenura and MYX Fusion- Mad Men creator, Matt Weiner, stopped by the bar at the Backstage Creations Giving Suite and said that his mother always drinks Bartenura.  Katherine Heigl said “Mmmm Bartenura Moscato is amazing” and Allison Janney asked for seconds. www.bartenura.com www.myxfusions.com

Cold Stone Creamery- Chris Hardaway selected the Oreo Overload ice cream and Hayden Panettiere had the Cake Batter flavor. www.ColdStoneCreamery.com

Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa- Host Seth Meyer’s wife said that just this week, Seth had a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, who suggested he take his wife to Bora Bora for their wedding anniversary.  She couldn’t believe that they received a certificate to the Hilton Bora Bora Nui’s Presidential Villa at the Backstage Creations Suite.

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and Emmy winnerAllison Janney said they should go together to $5000 a night Presidential Suite since the suite is so big they’d probably have a hard time finding each other. www.hilton.com/frenchpolynesia

Josh Johnson Home for Softline- At the Backstage Creations Giving Suite, Hayden Panettiere immediately took her shoes off and put her feet on the ivory faux sheepskin area rug at the Josh Johnson Home for Softline lounge area.

While lounging in the Giving Suite, Katherine Heigl spotted the new product line by Josh Johnson, stating “These are beautiful.  I love home décor.”

ChrisHardwick loved the President Scroll Write Pillow and was heard saying “My mom would love this!” www.softlinehome.com/sparkle-josh.html

KeVita® Sparkling Probiotic Drinks- Mayim Bialik loved KeVita’s Sparkling Probiotic Drinks, stating, “I’m vegan, so I really appreciate that KeVita is, as well.”  Katherine Heigl was thrilled to see an alternative to Kombucha Tea as she mentioned she is unable to drink it, making KeVita the perfect choice for her. www.KeVita.com

La Valenica Hotel- While shopping inside the Backstage Creations Giving Suite, Jesse Tyler Ferguson said that he stayed at La Valencia three years ago and has been eagerly waiting to go back.www.lavalencia.com

On her shopping trip inside the Backstage Creations Giving Suite, Hayden Panettiere selected a pair of Chloe Sunglasses provided by Marchon Eyewear..  www.marchon.com

Nerium International- NeriumAD® Age-Defying Night Cream – Jordan Peele loved Neirum’s products, stating “I’m already beautiful, so this will keep me that way.” Uzo Aduba checked out theNerium booth and mentioned how excited she was to try this and enthusiastically said “Nerium’s got it going on!” www.mynerium.com

Pong Case – After hearing about the radiation protecting phone case by PongAllison Janney was relieved to receive one.  Seth Meyers came to the Backstage Creations Giving Suite to support the Television Academy Foundation and his wife Alexi stopped by the Pong station as she was really excited to learn how that they protect from cell phone radiation.   www.pongcase.com

RICHMOND NUA SPA, TURKEY – Creator of Orange is the New Black, Jenji Cohan, couldn’t believe she received a trip to the Richmond Nua Spa in Turkey and exclaimed, “This is unreal!” Katherine Heigl said “I’ve never been to Turkey and have always wanted to go.” www.richmondnua.com

Sabra Hummus- Mayim Bialik was caught munching on Sabra snacks, praising the fact that there was something she could eat being vegan!  Uzo Aduba took a break inside the Giving Suite and enjoyed a snack from a familiar face Sabra Hummus which she says she buys all of the time. Katherine Heigl was just as excited to receive her Nambe Santa Fe Chip and Dip Bowl. www.sabra.com  Guests needing a re-fuel got their caffine-fix from Tim Hortons.

Spin Master’s The Best of TV & Movies– Weird Al Yankovic loved Spin Master’s The Best of TV & Movies, stating, “This is great.  We have an eleven-year-old daughter. It will be fun to teach her about older shows that she has never heard of.”  Matt Weiner, Creator of Mad Men, took a stab at the game and, much to his surprise, got all of the trivia questions wrong!  Upon Weiner’s defeat, his wife even added “You should have quizzed him on Clueless!” www.spinmastergames.com

TRIADA PALM SPRINGS– Palm Springs was a popular pick at the Backstage Creations Giving Suite – Jordan Peele and his girlfriend have friends in the desert, so they’d love the terrace and open kitchen in their own TRIADA casita.  www.triadapalmsprings.com

Waltzing Matilda USA- Octavia Spencer was almost in tears when she heard about the Waltzing Matilda art initiative, through which young art students create designs on blank canvases which become the container bags for the Waltzing Matilda products. Allison Janney was very excited to find the Waltzing Matilda booth at the backstage giving suite- she has a Waltzing Matilda bag that she says she uses all the time.  www.waltzingmatildausa.com

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